Established locally in 1962, Goodyear Realty has been a leading real estate brokerage firm operating in the community for nearly five decades. From listing your property to closing the sale, our team of dedicated professionals will ease you through what can be a daunting and complicated process. Following traditions implemented by our founders, we pride ourselves on communicating with you in order to understand your needs, to help you achieve your goals, and to provide the best possible service and peace of mind. Our experience with the local market and broader real estate trends coupled with proven selling strategies have kept our clients satisfied for many years and will ensure you a swift sale at the highest possible price.

Pricing Your Home

Selling the family home can be emotionally intimidating, but one of the most important steps to getting your home or other property sold is establishing a fair price which is reflective of the current market. Setting too high a price can cause the listing to stagnate as potential buyers pass up your house for another one that may appear on paper to be a better value. Also, too much time on the market may make some buyers suspect incorrectly that something is “wrong” with the property. And even when a price is eventually reduced, many buyers will simply overlook the listing. Overpriced homes may even help other competing listings to sell first.

Goodyear Realty can help you avoid this pricing trap.

Our unrivaled local knowledge and experience combined with our understanding of the market will assist you in arriving at a fair and unbiased listing price for your property based on a number of pertinent factors including:

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Condition
  • Target Market
  • Current Market Conditions

Our analysis of your property and comparable values will result in a price that will minimize your time on the market while maximizing your profits.

Preparing Your Home

As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression. Studies have shown that potential buyers know within the first two minutes of touring a home whether or not they want to make it their own. So, what can you do as a seller to help your buyer fall in love?

  • In most instances, extensive remodeling work is unnecessary. However, minor repairs can make a big difference. Replace torn window screens and worn doormats; fix leaky faucets and running toilets; make sure all the light fixtures are in working order.
  • Take advantage of the space in your home by showing it off. Remove old magazines, knickknacks and clutter. Clear off all kitchen and bathroom counters to make the area seem as spacious as possible.
  • Take a cue from model houses and de-personalize your home. Removing family photos, diplomas, souvenirs and highly distinctive accessories will help buyers visualize the home as their own.

In some cases, staging your home can help emphasize its desirable qualities. Staging can be as simple as rearranging your existing furniture, renting additional pieces from a staging company, or furnishing and accessorizing a whole house with rented props (which is especially useful when selling a vacant property). In any case, a Goodyear Realty professional will be there to help you make your home look its best.

Marketing Your Home

So, you’ve set the right price and prepared your home for sale. Now what?

Goodyear Realty will work to identify the target market and use your home’s unique features to appeal to potential buyers. In addition to placing your home in the Multiple Listing Service, an industry resource used by professional real estate agents, a customized strategy to sell your property could include:

  • Agent-to-agent referrals
  • Multimedia Internet marketing
  • Open houses
  • Yard signage
  • Property brochures
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Media advertising

In addition, our long-standing presence in the community has resulted in many professional relationships which may yield additional potential buyers.

With Goodyear Realty, you can rest assured that every relevant resource will be employed to gain visibility for your home’s listing, with an added emphasis on ensuring a dynamic and effective launch to market.

Offers and Negotiation

Once the For Sale sign has gone up, we can anticipate offers. Although price is a major factor in determining whether or not you ultimately accept a bid, the proposed contract will contain terms and conditions which can substantially affect the offer. For example:

  • Whether the buyer is prequalified or preapproved to buy your home
  • Down payment
  • Financing arrangements
  • List of fees and which party will pay them
  • Deposit amount
  • Inspection and repairs
  • Title
  • Closing
  • Appliances and furniture that stay with the home
  • Contingencies

You may choose to accept the offer as is or you may reject it. Alternatively, many of these items, including the price, are negotiable and may be amended in a counteroffer. Goodyear Realty will work on your behalf to secure the best terms and the highest price.

Prepare to Close

Accepting an offer to sell your home still isn’t the end of the road. As called for in the contract, the buyer and seller have agreed to perform certain things before closing. For example, the property may have to be formally appraised, surveyed, inspected or repaired. Goodyear Realty will help to orchestrate the execution of these steps and get you to…


Closing refers to the time when the legal transfer of ownership of your property takes place. As in every stage of the sale, your Goodyear Realty professional will be present to guide you through the process, to answer your questions and to ensure a smooth transaction.